Help customers discover new content through dynamic topic-relevant feeds

Extend the scale of your top-performing content while providing highly curated brand experiences.
“We’re focused on jumpstarting our mobile efforts and engaging smartphone users – a new audience for our company. Zumobi’s branded boards enable us to accomplish this by providing a rich app-like experience for our customers without developing a separate application.”
Robert Treves, COO
Bag Borrow or Steal

Create tailored and immersive content experiences

Zumobi enables advertisers to aggregate cross-channel content across web and mobile properties within dynamically-driven, topical brand feeds. These highly curated experiences drive accelerated action that increases engagement and sales across target audiences.

The Platform

Deliver rich content marketing experiences through an easy to use command center and advanced publishing engine.

Programatically Promote Content

Push and promote content feeds to custom audiences using traditional ad targeting and formats.

Web Destination

Customize your content feed using a unique dedicated URL.

In-App Integration

Easily incorporate content feeds directly within your app as a section or menu item.

Shoppable Content

Offer direct links to personalized articles or purchasable items from within your content feed.

See Zumobi in Action

Find out how you can acquire, engage and activate a new mobile audience with Microzines.